dryv.io enters Automotive In-Vehicle Connectivity Market with the World’s Fastest Secure Connectivity Solution.

    Conducting live demonstrations at Automotive Ethernet Congress in Munich, Germany.

Automotive Ethernet Congress– Munich, Germany, February 13, 2019 – dryv.io, an early stage startup based in Silicon Valley, CA, today announced that it is entering in-vehicle connectivity market with the world’s highest performance secure connectivity solution. The company is conducting live demonstrations at Automotive Ethernet Congress in Munich, Germany from February 13, 2019 to February 14, 2019.

dryv is building the world’s highest performance secure connectivity solution for advanced vehicles. dryv‘s ground-breaking solution couples industry’s only complete port-security offering tailored to the needs of modern connected cars, with an innovative connectivity technique specifically designed for “single-pair” cabling used in automotive applications. The solution utilizes a combination of software and hardware components to deliver single-pair performance up to an order of magnitude faster than existing technologies.

With advancing levels of autonomy, the number of high-performance sensors (cameras, lidars and radars) and processors inside the vehicles are increasing rapidly. Modern sensors are capable of producing higher resolutions at faster frame rates and need to transmit uncompressed video data over single-pair automotive grade cabling. Existing technologies such as LVDS and Gigabit Ethernet utilized for high-speed links lack the ability to handle the bandwidth explosion driven by sensors and AI processors resulting in Connectivity Bottlenecks. In addition, these technologies’ security measures are adapted from personal computer paradigms, which are not suitable for integration into sensors. The use of insecure technologies allows un-authorized access to communication ports of the computers resulting in Security Hazards like car hacking and jail breaking. dryv products remove bandwidth bottlenecks and provide in-vehicle port security accelerating the adoption of Level 2+ cars.

“Once in a lifetime transformation of one of the largest industries is underway as new comers and incumbents are in a fierce race towards self-driving and electrification of cars”, quotes Kamal Dalmia, Founder & CEO of dryv.io, “The first generation self-driving systems have been built using older technologies adapted from non-automotive applications which lack the required performance and security. The industry is urgently seeking purpose-built high-performance secure connectivity solutions and dryv.io is inimitably positioned to provide the solution needed to address these problems and become the leader in secure automotive connectivity.”

Connectivity Products
Our groundbreaking-patented technology provides the world’s fastest single-pair connectivity for automotive applications such as camera sensors, radars, Lidars, ADAS and infotainment.
• Speeds ranging from 2.5 Gbps to 25 Gbps
• Robust performance in harsh automotive environment
• Dual-protocol support: Ethernet & MIPI
• Ultra-low power consumption

Port Security Products
dryv provides the automotive industry’s only self-contained port-security featuring “push-button” solution for the communication ports leading to the car’s computers.
• Prevents unauthorized access to processor complex and file-system
• Minimizes hacker’s ability to develop remote attacks and jailbreaks
• Provides inherent anti-counterfeit & component tracking capabilities

To schedule live demo of dryv products offering at Ethernet Automotive Congress, please email us at demo@dryv.io.

The dryv team is composed of industry veterans with a proven startup track record with several successful exits. They come from enterprise networking, security, and connectivity companies and bring their considerable expertise to the security and connectivity problems now facing automotive industry. To know more about the company, please visit www.dryv.io or email us at info@dryv.io.